Nate's White New Zealand Rabbits

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If you’re looking for high quality New Zealand rabbits for sale in or around the Greensboro, NC area, you've come to the right place.  Our rabbits are grain and hay fed daily and make great pets and/or good breeding stock for a food source.  New Zealand Rabbits are a large breed rabbit that is widely used in the meat industry but what's not widely known is that they also make outstanding pets and many people even litter box train them and keep them in the house.  They aren't prone to biting, as many rabbits are, they are lovable, have big thick white coats.  We do what we do for several reasons, first we really enjoy the entire process of breeding rabbits, culling and developing higher quality stock.  We love the interaction with our breeding stock and spend a good bit of time with them each day.  Our breeding stock also provides our family with a replenishing food source.  For more information on New Zealand rabbits for sale in Greensboro NC , please take a look at the following pages.  On occasion, we may also have some New Zealand/Californian mix rabbits available.  Thanks for checking us out and if you have questions send me an email at

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